It’s important to understand how the entire circulatory system works before looking at just the circulation in the hands. The body consists of both macro and micro circulation systems. Macro circulation is the process whereby the blood is pumped out of the heart through the arteries and feeds the organs. The used blood, along with waste is delivered back to the heart through the veins. This system is incredibly important and lack of function in either the arteries or the veins can lead to poor circulation throughout the entire body.

Here you can see the arteries that run through the body.

Micro circulation is also important. The micro circulation system consists of three types of blood vessels, namely the arterioles, the venules and the capillaries. The arterioles take the blood from the arteries and transfer it to the smallest blood vessels in the body, the capillaries. Once there, the capillaries deliver nutrients, such as oxygen, water and minerals to the surrounding area. Once that blood has been used, the capillaries then feed the venules, which gather waste and deoxygenated blood and feed the veins, which is part of the macro circulatory system.

The macro circulation is like the main electrical wires that run through your town, from the power plant. The micro circulation can be though of like the main circuits in your house and the tiny capillaries are the cables that lead from the wall to your computer. If any of those cables, from the power plant, to the computer wires have problems, chances are, you won’t be able to read this right now. Your body works in the same way. If the arteries, veins, arterioles, venules or capillaries aren’t doing their job properly, you are going to have problems.

Both macro and micro circulation is important for the circulation in your hands. Understanding how it all works will enable you to prepare yourself better, understand how symptoms are linked to causes and improve your circulation in your hands.